Encounter | Syuto Tanaka

Top Left Photo:top by DIAMENTS COLOUR, blouse by RYU KAGA, skirt and trousers by MAISON MARGIELA
Top Right Photo:top, skirt and trousers by DIAMENTS COLOUR, scarf by TIBI

Top Photo:top, skirt and trousers by DIAMENTS COLOUR, scarf by TIBI

Encounter | Syuto Tanaka




A uniquely precious encounter with artists from all over the world.
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No.159 “Portraits”

jumpsuit by RYU KAGA, hat by 723 -SEVEN TWO THREE-
shirt by DIAMENTS COLOUR, blouse by CHARLES ANASTASE, skirt by TOGA PULLA, shoes stylist’s own
top by DIAMENTS COLOUR, scarf by TIBI

Photography by Ryoma Kawakami
Styling by Syuto Tanaka at Vitamins
Hair by AYA at HITOME
Make up by KOTOMi at HITOME
Model by Hikari Aiko at TRUSTAR

Syuto Tanaka/Stylist
(Tokyo based)


Nowadays things are happening in an orderly way, we need to find meaning in all behaviors and have to make valuable decisions because we all so easily forget about the purpose in our daily life.
This is the fashion portrait of a woman filled with resentment standing up for herself against something unreasonable, and we found the way to express it through the sensuality of a human being.

veil by 723 -SEVEN TWO THREE-, bodysuit by RYU KAGA, shoes stylist’s own
jumpsuit by RYU KAGA, hat by 723 -SEVEN TWO THREE-

Syuto Tanaka:

A Tokyo-based stylist from Hiroshima prefecture.
He is mainly working on shooting with brands, styling for music videos, fashion advertising, and with electronic commerces.