Encounter|Pablo Albacete

Top Photo:top by HANA KHALIL, bag and ring by BIMBA Y LOLA, hat by ZARA
Top Photo:top by HANA KHALIL, trousers by LEVI’S, bag and ring by BIMBA Y LOLA, hat by ZARA

Encounter|Pablo Albacete




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No.156 “Le Sable”

top by HANA KHALIL, trousers by LEVI’S, shoes, bag and ring by BIMBA Y LOLA, hat by ZARA
jacket and trousers by ZARA, sandals by BIMBA Y LOLA, vintage scarf stylist’s own
top by ZARA, shorts by LEVI’S, ring by HEY HARPER, earrings by MANGO, vintage scarf stylist’s own
jumpsuit and belt by ZARA, shoes by BIMBA Y LOLA, vintage earrings stylist’s own
shirt by MANGO, swimwear by HANA KHALIL, earrings by SEJA TRIANA, scarf by BIMBA Y LOLA

Photography by Pablo Albacete
Styling by Natália Fereguetti
Hair and Make up by Fran Cabrera
Model by Chiara Luna Vanderstraeten at Uno Models
Photography Assistant by Andreea Todorache

Pablo Albacete/Photographer
(Madrid based)

「Fictional Holiday(空想上のホリデー)」

この作品には、フランス語で砂を意味する「Le Sable」と名付けました。
また、偉大なフランスの写真家 Guy Bourdinの80sのビーチタウンでさまざまなモデルが登場している作品から着想を得ています。

We are looking forward for this summer, after this very hard year with COVID and all the lockdowns and sad moments for so many people... around us.
And now we see the end nearer so we decided to bring for the moment the beach, summer, long summer sunsets to our studio and fake our next holidays!

We named the story "Le Sable" meaning The Sand in French because we think it looks like some kind of mock up of a french riviera beach style… so it is a beach after all.
Some of the inspiration for the image style came to me from the great french photographer Guy Bourdin and his so cool work in the 80's with models in beach towns.

top and necklace BIMBA Y LOLA, skirt and shoes by ZARA
vest and shorts by ZARA, top by HANA KHALIL, necklace by MANGO, rings by BIMBA Y LOLA
top and necklace BIMBA Y LOLA
shirt by MANGO, swimwear by HANA KHALIL, shoes and scarf by BIMBA Y LOLA, earrings by SEJA TRIANA

Pablo Albacete:

A photographer based in Madrid, Spain.
He believes that fashion is the place where true beauty and style meet, and explores new ways of approaching fashion photography through analog photography.
His work is full of freshness and charm, as he is interested in the changes that occur between the model and the cutout.