Encounter|Christina Hlybova

Encounter|Christina Hlybova




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No.153 “Labor Day May Day”

Photography by Christina Hlybova
Styling by Polina Zagumenova
Make up by Vasilisa Nikolaeva
Set Design by Maria Luneva
Model by AX
All Clothes by GERDA IRÈNE

Christina Hlybova/Photographer
(Moscow based)

「Summer garden(夏の庭)」
「May Day」は国際労働組合による労働者の祭典で、毎年5月1日に開催されます。

このストーリーは、そんな瞬間を連想させる、ヴィンテージ素材や古着を使ってコレクションを制作するロシアのフレッシュなブランド「GERDA IRÈNE」とコラボレートしたもの。

夏の庭に向けてすべての準備をする、普段の「May Day」を表現しました。

“May Day” is a celebration of labourers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labour movement occurs every year on 1st of May.
In Russia it is often a day-off, so all people who have country house go to it and start summer season.

Country work is very dirty, so people change into old clothes that were brought to the country many years ago.
Therefore we collaborated with new Russian brand, Gerda Irene, which creates its? collection from vintage materials and old clothes.

The idea of this photoshoot is to show the ordinary “May Day”: when you prepare everything for the summer garden.

Christina Hlybova:

A photographer from Moscow, Russia.
She works with film photography, because she loves how film photography reveals all the intimacy and personality.
Her photography focuses on sincerity, playfulness, fun, openness and the willingness to capture some special story that arises in the moment, in the contact between me and the model.