Encounter|Sophie Isogai & Kumiko Yashiro

Encounter|Sophie Isogai & Kumiko Yashiro




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No.125 “Dramatic of the town where she grew up”

coat ¥180,000 by ANREALAGE, dress ¥70,000 by JENNY FAX MATT., socks ¥700 by KUTSUSHITAYA TABIO, shoes ¥76,000 by YUEQI QI MATT.
dress ¥75,000 by JENNY FAX MATT., scarf stylist’s own
bodysuit ¥20,000 by FETICO, shoes ¥61,800 by LEMAIRE EDSTRÖM OFFICE, earrings ¥90,000 by TALKATIVE
dress ¥49,000 by SEA NEW YORK BRAND NEWS, socks ¥600 by KUTSUSHITAYA TABIO, shoes ¥61,800 by LEMAIRE EDSTRÖM OFFICE, hat ¥182,000 by NICK FOUQUET EDSTRÖM OFFICE, top stylist’s own
top ¥47,000, skirt ¥79,000 and sandals ¥62,000 by TOGA PULLA TOGA HARAJUKU STORE
bra ¥120,000 by YUEQI QI MATT., trousers ¥34,000 by CYCLE BY MYOB

Photography by Sophie Isogai at KiKi inc.
Styling by Kumiko Yashiro at Y’s C
Hair by Satomi Suzuki at S-14
Make up by Kie Kiyohara at Beauty Direction
Model by eucari

Sophie Isogai & Kumiko Yashiro/Photographer & Stylist
(Tokyo based)

「Dramatic of the town where she grew up(生まれ育った街のドラマティックさ)」

This story was inspired by Eucari who we came up in our mind when we talked about a person who we want to shoot after quarantine due to corona virus.
We depict a fictional story as capturing her life in the city where she was born and grew up.

top ¥26,000 by ANREALAGE
jacket ¥165,000 reference price by KOTA GUSHIKEN, top ¥19,000 by MALAMUTE BRAND NEWS, shorts ¥3,600 by REING
top ¥29,000 by HAKUJI BRAND NEWS, skirt ¥22,000 by AKANE UTSUNOMIYA BRAND NEWS, tights ¥1,400 by TABIO, shoes ¥61,000 by ADIEU EDSTRÖM OFFICE, bracelet ¥8,500 and bracelet with stars ¥7,800 by SUNKU HAND IN TREE SHOWROOM, scarf stylist’s own
top ¥48,000, trousers ¥40,000 and inner shorts ¥18,000 by FETICO, headdress ¥19,000 by FLAPPER SHOWROOM UNO, necklace reference item by CYCLE BY MYOB

Sophie Isogai:
2011年に渡英後、フォトグラファー Mari Saraiのアシスタントを経て独立。

A photographer born in Chiba prefecture.
After moving to England in 2011, she worked as an assistant for a photographer Mari Sarai for while.
In 2014, she started to build her own career and currently based in Tokyo.

Kumiko Yashiro:

A stylist born in Fukushima prefecture.
She moved to England in 2008, returned to Japan in 2013, and started to work as a stylist after she worked as an assistant for Yoko Miyake.
She mainly work for fashion shoot inside and outside Japan.