Encounter|Patricio Pomares

Encounter|Patricio Pomares




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No.126 “Pare down to the essence”

top by GEORGIELA STUDIO, tights stylist’s own
shorts stylist’s own
top by COS, skirt stylist’s own

Photography by Patricio Pomares
Styling by Carlota Puncernau
Make up by Sandra Martín Díaz
Model by Youlia Maksimtchouk at Two Management Barcelona

Patricio Pomares/Photographer
(Barcelona based)




This work is called “Pare down to the essence” and is inspired in a tiny book called ‘Wabi-Sabi’ in which I discover some poems of Sen No Rikyu.

One quote that stuck in to my mind after reading the book was “wabi-sabi cultivates all that is authentic by recognizing three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is complete and nothing is perfect”.

This series of pictures try to capture that feeling.

Patricio Pomares:
フォトグラファーとして数年活動した後、自身でバルセロナにファッションフォトグラフィーの専門学校 F.D. Fashion Schoolを立ち上げ、学校のディレクターを勤めながらパーソナルなプロジェクトにも取り掛かる。

A photographer from Buenos Aires, who found his place in Barcelona.
He has been working as a Fashion Photographer from 8 years ago and has a Fashion Photography school in the city of Barcelona, F.D. Fashion School.