Encounter | Natalia Nowicka & Josefina Mezza

Encounter | Natalia Nowicka & Josefina Mezza




A uniquely precious encounter with artists from all over the world.
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No.203 “The lady with the sparkle”

dress by ALBA CASTRO, earrings by MITUMI
dress by LUIS PACHECO, shirt by SAND & ROSÉ, hat by ZAHATI
top by ANGEL MARCO, trousers by CASTILLO
dress by PANICULATA, vintage shoes by DR. MARTENS, earrings by ISADORA

Photography by Natalia Nowicka
Styling by Josefina Mezza
Hair and Make up by Mika Ficer
Model by Elsa Prouverur at View Management

Natalia Nowicka/Photographer(Barcelona and Warsaw based)
Josefina Mezza/Stylist(Barcelona based)

「Aesthetic Relationship(特別な関係)」
この作品はフランスの監督 Céline Sciammaが、ある画家と被写体の貴族の女性の独特な関係性を描いた映画「Portrait of a lady on fire(邦題:燃ゆる女の肖像)」から着想を得て制作しました。


撮影監督のClaire Mathonによると、ドイツの画家 Caspar David Friedrichが操る照明のテクニックを取り入れているそう。登場人物の心情だけに目を奪われないように、できるだけたくさんの自然光を使うことにしたようです。


The inspiration for the story was the movie ‘Portrait of a lady on fire’, directed by the French director Céline Sciamma, about the unique relation between a painter and an aristocrat lady, who was painted by her.

The sparkle in our story is the symbol of the connection that is very unique, because it happens only with some people, not very often, but once it is found, it will never disappear.

I was impressed by the visual aspect of the movie as well.
The director of photography, Claire Mathon, said that she used the unique lighting technique that was typical for the painter Caspar David Friedrich.
She decided to use as much natural light as possible, to not distract the viewer from looking at the emotions of the characters.
The idea of creating a lighting setup was to get the impression that the light source is coming from the model's face, so it will bring more attention to her expressions.

We decided to complete the story with the shining accessories in the styling and sparkle elements in make-up.

bodysuit by FERNANDO ALBERTO ATELIER, shoes by ALBA CASTRO, tights stylist’s own
jacket by ANDREA MAZZONE, jumpsuit by NÉMESIS, shoes stylist’s own
dress by NAJJAT HARB, headdress stylist’s own

Natalia Nowicka:

A photographer based in Barcelona and Warsaw, specializing in fashion and portrait photography. The biggest inspirations for her works are the paintings and movies.
Currently she is working with some fashion brands, creating the fashion campaigns.

Josefina Mezza:

A stylist and creative director from Argentina, based in Barcelona.
Since she was a little girl she have been passionate about fashion, and making dresses to My Barbies with anything she could find around the house.
She has been in Barcelona for almost four years now, and had the privilege to work with creators and be part of some projects.