Encounter | Ester Ruan & Andrea Regüés

Encounter | Ester Ruan & Andrea Regüés




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No.202 “Red thread of fate”

top by BIMBA Y LOLA, dress by RITA ROW, scarf by AMERICAN VINTAGE, vintage shoes, vintage earrings and gloves stylist’s own
both dresses by MAJE

Photography by Ester Ruan
Styling and Art Direction by Andrea Regüés
Hair and Make up by Monica Cruz
Model by Angela Rioja and Andrea Madrazo
Special Thanks bienbien, capítulo dos lab, it’s sosom, Rori Chavez and Oriol Uria

Ester Ruan/Photographer(Barcelona based)
Andrea Regüés/Art Director and Stylist(Barcelona based)

「Destined lovers(運命の恋人)」




One day I stumble across a quote about “the Red String of Fate” and that’s where the inspiration of the shooting comes from. It is an old story in Chinese folklore about a magical connection between two people that destined to be soul mates. The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers.

As you will see, the looks represents different stages of her relationship.

The first idea was to only shoot one look as couple, but the stylist convinced me to create a story behind the outfits.
If you can see, she starts alone, very genuine, not knowing what to do with the red string and trying to figure it out. Then she finds comfort in her new love and they are both dressed with a similar dress, but with colors that contrast each personality.
The third look represents a deeper stage in their relationship, where the couples starts to dress more similar and blend in the color green.
And finally, the last look the darkest, speaks for the sadness of the girl that lost her end of the red string.

I wanted to add a little Chinese touch to reference the origin of the story in the shooting, in this case it was in the art.

left - knit top and trousers by SOSOM, top by BENETTON, shoes stylist’s own,
right - cardigan and trousers by SOSOM, top by MISSONI, vintage shoes stylist’s own
trousers by SOSOM, shoes by SAINT LAURENT, vintage top and vintage bangle stylist’s own

Ester Ruan:

A photographer based in Barcelona.
With background in the audiovisual industry, she focuses her work in storytelling and she prefer to shoot in analogue even if she is impatient in seeing the result.
Her personal project is to shoot different real couples with the same theme and planning an exhibition with her favorite photographies.

Andrea Regüés:

A Barcelona-based art director and stylist.
Her background in the design industry pushes her to explore her imagination by creating visual narrations.
She is focusing on blurring the limits between art and fashion.