Encounter|Eleonora Adani

Top Photo:left - jacket skirt by COVERT, shirt by MRZ, necklace by ABSIDEM,
right - coat and shoes by MAX MARA, hat by ADELBEL, socks by BRESCIANI

Top Photo:jacket skirt by COVERT, shirt by MRZ, necklace by ABSIDEM

Encounter|Eleonora Adani




A uniquely precious encounter with artists from all over the world.
As a platform to exhibit and unveil the various talent, Lula JAPAN’s editorial team have selected the most vivid and genuine works from artists around the world.
Entrust your heart to this creative and unique new sensibility.

No.111 “Twist”

coat and shoes by MAX MARA, hat by ADELBEL, socks by BRESCIANI
socks by BRESCIANI, shoes by MAX MARA
top, trousers and scarf by JIL SANDER
jacket and skirt by SABATO RUSSO, earrings by ACNE STUDIOS, belt stylist’s own

Photography by Eleonora Adani
Styling by Guilia Malnati
Hair by Yu Nagatomo
Make up by Alessia Stefano at Atomo Management
Models by Jay de Pretto at Fashion Model Management

Eleonora Adani/Photographer
(Italy based)

「Porcelain Dolls and Plastic Poses (磁気人形としなやかな佇まい)」
また、スタイリングとモデルのしなやかなポージングを通して、モダンな人物像 を表現。

This story was born thanks to the fusion of ideas of the whole team.
We started with make-up inspired by the world of porcelain dolls, then using colors on the lips and cheeks and long eyelashes.
Through styling and plastic poses we wanted to modernize the character.
The clothes are in fact in contrast with the colored make-up, the looks are total black with just a touch of color, mainly red.

jacket by CALCATERRA
jacket and trousers by CALCATERRA, top by DAVII, shoes by JIL SANDER
jacket by MRZ, shirt and trousers by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, socks by BRESCIANI, shoes by MAX MARA, scarf by ADELBEL
jacket and skirt by COVERT, shirt by MRZ, necklace by ABSIDEM, belt stylist’s own

Eleonora Adani:
その後、ミラノで開催されたVogue Italia主催のPhoto Vogue Festivalで写真が展示され、同誌の広告とエディトリアルのコラボレーションを続ける。

A photographer based in Italy.
Since a very early age she developed a passion for drawing and for fashion magazines.
Her interest for photography came by a chance in 2013, blending soon with her love of fashion.
Eleonora decided to focus on photography as a self-taught student. After one year passion turned into a true profession. In 2017 she wins a competition with Vogue Italia which will exhibit her shots in the exhibition called Photo Vogue festival in Milan as well as commercial and editorial collaborations with the same magazine.