Encounter|So JIN

Top Photo:left - jacket and trousers by ACNE STUDIOS, top by JIL SANDER
right - earrings stylist’s own

Top Photo:dress by ZARA, earrings stylist’s own

Encounter|So JIN




A uniquely precious encounter with artists from all over the world.
As a platform to exhibit and unveil the various talent, Lula Japan’s editorial team have selected the most vivid and genuine works from artists around the world.
Entrust your heart to this creative and unique new sensibility.

No.170 “Draw some new shapes” 

hoodie by AMERICAN APPAREL, dress by VICTORIA BECKHAM, boots by ACNE STUDIOS, earrings by SUNNEI, bag by ANN-SOFIE BACK
earrings stylist’s own
jacket and trousers by ACNE STUDIOS, top by JIL SANDER, earrings by BOTTEGA VENETA
necklace stylist’s own
shirt by MARIOS, skirt by AMERICAN APPAREL, leggings by M MISSONI, shoes by NEW BALANCE

Photography and Styling by So JIN
Make up by Bona Kim
Model by Sterre Haket at A.SSET

So JIN/Photographer
(Milan based)

「Something New(新しい何か)」

This editorial story was inspired from the person who are always closed inside, but trying to be something new in her own way.
People don’t acquire a habit easily, but when they get used to something, it is very difficult to change.
I tried to connect people who has close minded habit with fashion.

dress by ZARA, earrings stylist’s own
shirt, bustier and trousers by ACNE STUDIOS, earrings stylist’s own
bodysuit by SAINT LAURENT, earrings stylist’s own

2017年にアメリカのコロラド州にて自身の人生についての展覧会「your moment」を開催。

An artist born in Seoul and based in Milan, Italy for over 13 years.
Her last exhibition was in Colorado in 2017 with her project "your moment", which is on-going project for her whole life.
Her works are inspired by people around her in each moment.