Encounter|Lázaro Scabbia & Armando Terrero

Top Photo:top by MARTA CASAL, suspender shorts by ELE FERSÁN, shoes by PABLO GILABERT
Top Photo:top by HENRY TZAB, shorts by ÁNGEL MARCO, tights by CECILIA DE RAFAEL

Encounter|Lázaro Scabbia & Armando Terrero




A uniquely precious encounter with artists from all over the world.
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No.140 “One touch”

dress by ANA GIMÉNEZ, earrings by MITUMI
jacket by ANTONIO MARCIAL, trousers by MARÍA GUZMÁN, shoes by MARTA CASAL, earrings by MITUMI
dress by ANA GIMÉNEZ, earrings by MITUMI

Photography by Lázaro Scabbia and Armando Terrero
Styling and Creative Direction by Carolina Lafuente
Make up by Kikue Ichihashi
Model by Alizé Jacquinet at Sight Management Studio
Location by My Fucking Studio

Lázaro Scabbia & Armando Terrero/Photographers
(Barcelona based)

「Waiting for you(あなたを待つ)」
この作品は、「el mejor de tus errores」というタイトルのラブソングからアイデアを得たことをきっかけに制作したもの。
そこから、古代ギリシャの長編叙事詩 「Odyssey」に登場するPenelopeのように、部屋で1人で外を眺めながら恋人を待ち、明るい太陽の光を全身に浴びる女の子のストーリーをイメージしました。

“One touch” was started from the idea of a love song named “el mejor de tus errores” (the best of your mistakes).
From there we image the story of a girl alone in her room, like Penelope from the ‘Odyssey’ looking out and waiting for her lover, letting the light sun touch all her body.
All that accompanied by the clarity of the model’s gaze and the crystalline nature of the elements that surrounds her.

top by MARTA CASAL, suspender shorts by ELE FERSÁN
dress and skirt by ANA GIMÉNEZ, earrings by MITUMI, shoes by PABLO GILABERT
shirt by GEMMA GASION, skirt by MARTA CASAL
top by HENRY TZAB, shorts by ÁNGEL MARCO, tights by CECILIA DE RAFAEL

Lázaro Scabbia:

A fashion photographer from Barcelona.
He captures the spirit and the emotions of the models with different composition and interesting light.

Armando Terrero:

A fashion photographer from the Dominican Re- public living in Barcelona.
He put part of himself and his experiences in the advertising, the graphic design and the illustration industry in each project.