Encounter|Olesya Parfenyuk

Encounter|Olesya Parfenyuk




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No.132 “Why So Serious?”

ear cuff by MAM ORIGINALS, vintage jacket stylist’s own
vintage jacket stylist’s own
top by ALICE MCCALL, earrings by ZARA, vintage dress stylist’s own
vest by RIEGER, earrings by MAM ORIGINALS, top stylist’s own
top by ZARA, earrings by MOON AND SERPENT

Art Direction, Photography and Styling by Olesya Parfenyuk
Hair and Make up by Marietta Dang
Model by Lena Sophie Knapp

Olesya Parfenyuk/Visual Artist
(Vienna based)

「Vintage touch(ヴィンテージな要素を取り入れて)」


最終的に写真に映し出したそれぞれのカットは、無意識的にとはいえ芸術思想のダダイスムに基づく形、写真家 Irving PennやEdward Steichenから触発されたように思えます。

The model dives into different characters, playfully making use of the vintage touch in each look and simultaneously freshening it up with the confident attitude of a modern woman.

There is no specific theme, except that especially the hairstyling partially takes reference on the fashion trends through some of the past memorable decades such as the sleek 20s or the frizzy 80s.

For the final selection and the attained look in some images, one could say that subconsciously Dada shapes and forms as well as such artists as Irving Penn and Edward Steichen served in some way as an inspiration.

Olesya Parfenyuk:

Olesya Parfenyuk is an independent visual artist based in Vienna, Austria born in Kyiv, Ukraine. 
As a student at the local University of Applied Arts she is currently working on some personal projects as well as on some collaborative editorials.
She enjoys integrating fashion elements into her work to create a blend between fashion photography and a narrative.