Encounter | Meghan Mathews & Magdalena Lennon

Encounter | Meghan Mathews & Magdalena Lennon




A uniquely precious encounter with artists from all over the world.
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No.298 “An Ode to Rural Planets”

Photography by M. Creative Studio
Art Direction by Meghan Mathews
Styling by Magdalena Lennon
Hair and Make up by Paula Docampo Bonilla
Models by Dina Mertens at FIFTH Models and Julia Bonet at FIFTH Models

all clothes by JOPLIN ATELIER

Meghan Mathews/Photographer and Art Director(Barcelona based)
Magdalena Lennon/Photographer and Designer(Barcelona based)

「Uniqueness and Simpleness(独創性とシンプルさ)」
James PerollsとMarejke SchmidtがMetal Magazineのために制作した「Not Long Now」という作品からインスピレーションを受け、牧歌的な風景の中で遥かな友情を育むような、シンプルな生き方を描きました。


This story was dedicated to the allure and mystery found on a homestead.
With the inspiration the shoot ‘Not Long Now’ created by James Perolls and Marejke Schmidt for Metal Magazine, we created the images depict a world as it could be like a remote friendship set in pastoral landscape and accrediting a simple way of life.

We wanted to highlight the style of dresses in a unique and unexpected way.
The plain and rural terrain seemed like an unnatural setting for bright colors and tinsel material but this dissonance created by a clash of styles provided a unique perspective on the purpose of fashion in nature.

Meghan Mathews:

A photographer and Art Director based in Barcelona.
Her fine art photography focuses on topics of human relationships and self identity shaped by one's environment.
Her work has been featured in exhibitions across Spain and recently co-founded a photography studio dedicated to creating editorial content for international brands.

Magdalena Lennon:
近年バルセロナを拠点とするスタジオ M. Creative Studioを設立し、エディトリアルデザインへの関心を深めている。

A photographer and Designer based in Barcelona.
Her work is inspired by a minimalist aesthetic and a passion for creating new narratives through the pairing of images with text.
Recently, she expanded her enthusiasm for editorial design by establishing M. Creative Studio, based in Barcelona and working worldwide.