Encounter|Kota Ishida & Mayu Kawasaki

Encounter|Kota Ishida & Mayu Kawasaki




A uniquely precious encounter with artists from all over the world.
As a platform to exhibit and unveil the various talent, Lula Japan’s editorial team have selected the most vivid and genuine works from artists around the world.
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No.364 “The Place I Heard Someone Sing An Opera(Inside Of Building In The Sunday Afternoon In Paris)”

bodysuit by OVALE PARIS, skirt by JACQUEMUS, socks by WOLFORD, shoes and earrings stylist’s own
top and leggings by KNWLS, bra by OVALE PARIS, shoes by MAISON MARGIELA, earrings stylist's own
top by IZABELA CLARKE, bra by OVALE PARIS, leggings by KNWLS, shoes by MAISON MARGIELA
top by SUPRIYA LELE, bodysuit by OVALE PARIS, skirt by JACQUEMUS, socks by WOLFORD, shoes stylist’s own

Photography by Kota Ishida at MARE Inc.
Styling by Mayu Kawasaki
Hair by Masashi Konno
Make up by Naho Ikeda
Model by Maja Tyszecka at Girl Management

Kota Ishida/Photographer(Tokyo based)
Mayu Kawasaki/Stylist(Paris based)

「Magic Realism(マジックリアリズム)」
この作品は、フォトグラファーが敬愛する文学作品のジャンル マジックリアリズムからインスピレーションを得て撮影したもの。


This work draws inspiration from magic realism, which is a genre of literary works that the photographer adores.

It depicts a world of wonder and nostalgia, where the team dared not talk to one other, but instead insert their own interpretations while moving back and forth between reality and fiction.

top by CHRISTINA SEEWALD, arm covers by MARNI, earrings and ring stylist’s own
dress by IZABELA CLARKE, top by SUPRIYA LELE, socks by FOGAL
bodysuit by OVALE PARIS, tights by WOLFORD, hoodie, vintage top, skirt, shoes and earrings stylist’s own

Kota Ishida:
アメリカの映画「Nine Days(邦題:ナイン・デイズ)」などの撮影に参加した後、2023年よりファッションフォトグラファーとして本格的に活動を開始。

A photographer based in Tokyo.
While aspiring to become a novelist, he began pursuing photography as a self-taught career after attempting to weave sentences from photographs.
He participated in shoots for American movies like ‘Nine Days’, and then began his career full-fledged as a fashion photographer in 2023.

Mayu Kawasaki:

A stylist based in Paris.
After studying fine arts in an art collage in London and working as an assistant, she moved to Paris.
She works mainly on look books and editorials.