Encounter|Kota Ishida

Top Photo:shirt and garment by TARTS
Top Photo:top by MIYUKIKITAHARA, wire art by OTÖMIKA

Encounter|Kota Ishida




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No.260 “Flung Out Of Space”

top by MIYUKIKITAHARA, jacket by LISA SUGANUMA, skirt, tights and shoes stylist’s own
top, shirt and skirt by SARA TAKAHASHI, bag by SHUNA

Photography by Kota Ishida
Styling by Yuma Tagawa
Hair by Nanako Azuma
Make up by Anna Misawa
Model by Tsugumi at MAGMA Model Management
Wire Art by OTÖMIKA

Kota Ishida/Photographer(Tokyo based)

「On July 63rd(7月63日に)」





I met her accidentally, she said she just flung out of space.
It was the evening of July 63rd.

I didn’t know what she talked about, perhaps she said truth.
She must be an extraterrestrial-intelligence or something like angel, or such as Harpy in Greek mythology.

Anyways, it seemed like this is the first time on earth for her, so I taught her many things, like the way to drink milk, that there is a water, ice, and air.

People love plenty of plants, due to all the people have anxiety and want to escape from it, and plants help that.
When she pointed at bird, I taught her there are a lot of animals living in this world, not just humans.

She said to me “I can be adopted”, then I spent the rest of 867days of July with her, and one day she was gone.
I don’t remember the date, but it was cloudy day.

top and skirt by MIYUKIKITAHARA, wire art by OTÖMIKA
top by MIYUKIKITAHARA, dress by TARTS, wire art by OTÖMIKA
shirt by TARTS, skirt by NOZAWA KAHO, boots stylist’s own
shirt and garment by TARTS

Kota Ishida:
2019年に、アメリカで映画「Nine Days(邦題:ナイン・デイズ)」の撮影に参加した経験を持つ。

A photographer born in 1997, based in Tokyo.
He captures the subject with subtle light and captivates the viewer.
In 2019, he has participated in the filming of the film 'Nine Days' in the United States.