Encounter|Aitana Valencia

coat by PALOMO SPAIN, dress by ROTATE, boots by UNISA, tights and socks stylist’s own

Encounter|Aitana Valencia




A uniquely precious encounter with artists from all over the world.
As a platform to exhibit and unveil the various talent, Lula Japan’s editorial team have selected the most vivid and genuine works from artists around the world.
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No.206 “Brisa, Venus, Gaia, Apolo.”

shirt and trousers by ACNE STUDIOS, boots by UNISA, hat by PALOMO SPAIN, necklace by MOISÉS NIETO
dress by Y/PROJECT, bracelet by MOISÉS NIETO, tights and shoes stylist’s own
shirt, trousers and hat by GEORGES RECH, shoes by BALENCIAGA
top by COPERNI, earrings by SUOT STUDIO

Photography by Aitana Valencia
Styling by Jon Mikel del Valle
Hair and Make up by Miquel Cristóbal
Model by Brisa Fenoy
Text by Laura Prado

Aitana Valencia/Photographer
(Barcelona and Madrid based)

「Three guardian dogs(3匹の守護犬)」
Brisa Fenoyはアーティストです。彼女は歌い、自身でも曲をプロデュースし、作曲まで行っています。


私たちが知り合ってすぐに、彼女から自分の愛犬 Apollo、Gaia、Venusとの関係について、そしてその絆が、いかにかけがえのないものかを聞かされました。



Brisa Fenoy is an artist. She sings, produces and composes.

When I met Brisa (Breeze is the translation) we made instantly a special connection.
I realized about her good vibes and magic energy.
She manages to transmit peace and calm.
She seemed to me a “Love Warrior”.

As soon as we started knowing each other, she told me about her relationship with her guard dogs, and how special is it. They are called Apollo, Gaia and Venus.

Brisa believes, number “Three” is the sum of one plus two, meaning the union of her mind, body and soul.
Apollo, the black one, materializes her artistic angle.
Her soul, deeply devoted to Mother Earth, channels her energy trough Gaia.
And her body is personified in Venus, the white one, who brings sensuality and awareness.

This perfect ensemble is what carries Brisa into the vibration of love.
It is said, that wherever Brisa passes, life emerges, plants grow and flowers bloom.

top by PALOMO SPAIN, earnings by SUOT STUDIO
coat by PALOMO SPAIN, dress by ROTATE, boots by UNISA, tights and socks stylist’s own
jacket, top, trousers and necklace by MOISÉS NIETO
coat by PALOMO SPAIN, dress by ROTATE, boots by UNISA, tights and socks stylist’s own

Aitana Valencia:

A photographer and designer currently based between Barcelona and Madrid.
She left her home town Alicante to live in Madrid ten years ago.
Since then she has been learning, working and enjoying her dream working as photographer, specially in fashion.
At the moment, she is developing some personal projects, working on advertisement.
Also she teaches at EFTI, an international school of photography and cinema.