Encounter | Natsumi Ogasawara & Chie Fujimoto

Top Photo:top and skirt by FETICO, dress by HIKARI MORIGAMI, earrings stylist’s own

Encounter | Natsumi Ogasawara & Chie Fujimoto




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No.172 “Bloom blossoms in the field”

top and collar stylist’s own
blouse and swimwear by FETICO, tights by ACNE STUDIOS, shoes stylist’s own
dress by YUHSI, hat stylist’s own
top and skirt by FETICO, dress by HIKARI MORIGAMI, shoes and earrings stylist’s own

Photography by Sakai De Jun
Styling by Natsumi Ogasawara
Hair and Make up by Chie Fujimoto
Model by Nel Sitek at Selective Management

Natsumi Ogasawara/Stylist(Tokyo based)
Chie Fujimoto/Hair and Make up artist(Tokyo and London based)

「The seasonal changes(季節のうつろい)」


This is the fashion story of a woman living in the mountains area.
It is quite natural that we are longing for the bright cities and imagining us doing a catwalk but we may also feel at ease with the views of the surrounding nature.

The seasonal changes, and that blinding light.
I think there is nothing more lavish than enjoying fashion with the beautiful nature.

blouse by CHOPOVA LOWENA, headdress by KANA ISHIDA, shorts stylist’s own
skirt by MAO ICHIKAWA, top, collar, tights and shoes stylist’s own
dress by YUHSI, hat, sleeves, tights and shoes stylist’s own
blouse by KOHARU HAGIWARA, shorts and tights stylist’s own

Natsumi Ogasawara:

A Tokyo-based stylist from Ishikawa prefecture.
After graduated from the fashion school, she studied under the stylist Shotaro Yamaguchi until she went freelance in September 2020.
She is mainly working with celebrities, styling for magazines and advertisings.

Chie Fujimoto:

A Tokyo and London-based Hair and Makeup artist from Kyoto prefecture.
In 2019, she has moved to England.