Encounter|Jaime Perpinyà & Mariona Font

Encounter|Jaime Perpinyà & Mariona Font




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No.352 “Pourquoi Pas”

top and trousers by ZARA, earrings by MOISÉS LUGO, socks stylist’s own
top by JEMAPERLE, necklace by PETITEA, bra, shorts, tights and leg warmers stylist’s own
coat by STELLA KULL STUDIO, top by ÁPEIRON, bra and shorts by TALK UNDER LIGHT, earcuff and ring by PETITEA, tights and shoes stylist’s own
top by ZARA, bodysuit by TALK UNDER LIGHT, tights and mask hat stylist’s own
bra by TALK UNDER LIGHT, earrings and necklace by PETITEA, dress, tights and scarf stylist’s own

Photography by Jaime Perpinyà & Mariona Font
Styling by Mariona Seira
Hair and Male up by Mar Carrió
Models by Christine at UNO MODELS and Lara at Generation Models
Location by Sabali Studio

Jaime Perpinyà & Mariona Font/Photographer(Barcelona based)


Our story is inspired by the connection between dancing and women, and how to express all your feeling through the music.

top by ZARA, earrings and necklace by PETITEA, shorts and tights stylist’s own
dress by ZARA, mask hat by JEMAPERLE, bra, tights and shoes stylist’s own
top by ALK UNDER LIGHT, bodysuit by ZARA, headdress by JEMAPERLE, earcuff by PETITEA
top and trousers by STELLA KULL STUDIO, earrings by PETITEA
top by ZARA, earcuff and necklace by PETITEA, vintage skirt stylist’s own
top by MOISÉS LUGO, necklace by PETITEA

Jaime Perpinyà & Mariona Font:
バルセロナを拠点に活躍する、Jaime PerpinyàとMariona Fontによるフォトグラファーデュオ。
一方で、バルセロナにある自然光が特徴のスタジオ Sabali Studioで過ごすことも好む。

A photographer duo of Jaime Perpinyà and Mariona Font, based in Barcelona.
They started working as a duo two years ago, and they have been creating stories in cities that inspire them since then.
They also love spending their days in their natural light studio Sabali Studio in Barcelona.