Inside of You|Coline Marotta

Inside of You|Coline Marotta


編集部がピックアップする、今をときめくクリエイターにissue 12のテーマである「空色」から連想されるものを問う、インタビュー企画「Inside of you」。

“Inside of you” Further Story…
sora-iro No.8:Coline Marotta/Artist

Coline Marotta, Emotionally late (repainting paintings), 2019(Live a little_Public Gallery, photo credit ALEX HARRISON)
Coline Marotta, I hope I am not too lazy to become a painter (Coline on the beach), 2017(Afgang 2017_Kunsthal Charlottenborg, photo credit DAVID STJERNHOLM)
Coline Marotta, Magic Thinking, 2019(Live a little_Public Gallery, photo credit ALEX HARRISON)


私はこの色から我が家のことを、海の中で空を見上げたまま波が私を岸に押し戻すのを待っていた時のことを、Richard DiebenkornやAgnes Martinの作品のことを思い出すのです。

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about the color sora-iro is the cyanometer, a scientific instrument invented in the 18th century to measure the “blueness” of the sky.
It is a circle made of small blue dyed squares of paper arranged as a gradient that you hold in your hand and compare to the color of the sky.
I find this object and its intention extremely poetic, it’s like catching an illusion.

Sora-iro is a recurring color in my work, it comes through different forms and intensity. It is peaceful and soothing, calling for warmer tones.
It reminds me of home, being in the sea on my back, looking at the sky and waiting for the waves to bring me back to the shore.
It reminds me of Richard Diebenkorn’ and Agnes Martin’ works.

photocredit ALEX HARRISON

Coline Marotta:

Artist from French. Received her MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2017, she lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Her narrative based works that are centered around daily activities appear to be in a state of pensive thought and special beauty.