Encounter|Zoë Lena Rebecchi & Maia González

Encounter|Zoë Lena Rebecchi & Maia González




A uniquely precious encounter with artists from all over the world.
As a platform to exhibit and unveil the various talent, Lula Japan’s editorial team have selected the most vivid and genuine works from artists around the world.
Entrust your heart to this creative and unique new sensibility.

No.253 “IT”

shirt and trousers by KM BY LANGE
earrings by KM BY LANGE
sandals stylist’s own
dress and single earring by KM BY LANGE

Photography by Zoë Lena Rebecchi
Art Direction by Alma Sasson, Julia Dumana, and Jeffrey W. Butler III at Not an Ad
Styling by Maia González
Make up by Ernestina Esposito
Model by Nina at Uno Models

Zoë Lena Rebecchi/Photographer(Barcelona and Milan based)
Maia González/Stylist(Barcelona based)

「Human Behavior(人間行動)」
このプロジェクトは、制作スタジオ Not an Adと交わした会話を始まりとしています。


This project began with a conversation we had with production studio Not an Ad.
They contacted us with the intention of exploring a particular theme they were working on: Human Behavior.
As two creatives that have decided to leave their home towns, the subject of how this has affected us, is one very recurrent and that we felt spoke to the theme we were given.

We understand the concept of human behavior as the result of emotional encouragement.
Our approach revolves around the relationship between the subject and the space, the object, the emotional ties that are born with the material.
There is an urge to tell a story about the bond that exists between a person and the tangible, the comfort that is provided by the very known.

top by IKA
top, skirt and trousers by IKA, single earring by KM BY LANGE
shorts by IKA
shirt and trousers by KM BY LANGE
single earring by MOSQUITO
dress by IKA, shoes stylist’s own
shoes by JIL SANDER

Zoë Lena Rebecchi:

A fashion photographer from Buenos Aires, based in Barcelona and Milano.
Her main goal is to create something timeless through her work, regardless of the initial moment of creation.

Maia González:

A stylist who is passionate about creating and collaborating in the process of image making.
She seeks to explore fashion and channel her vision together with creatives who share her love for artistry.