Encounter|Leonie Freeman

Top Photo:vest by HADES, top by RESERVED, skirt by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, socks by FALKE, shoes by MIU MIU

Encounter|Leonie Freeman




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No.411 “In Bloom”

vest by HADES, top by RESERVED, skirt by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, socks by FALKE, shoes by MIU MIU
vintage jacket by ALEX EVENINGS, top by GIGI’S DRESSING ROOM, skirt by EMILIO PUCCI, socks by ADIDAS, shoes by ADIDAS X WALES BONNER
dress by GIGI’S DRESSING ROOM, vintage bra by WILSON, shorts by CELIA B, vintage boots by SHELLEYS, headdress by GOOD SQUISH, necklaces by DIAMOND DOG JEWELS

Photography by Leonie Freeman
Styling by Kate Barbour
Hair and Make up by Caroline Piasecki
Model by Flo O’Donoghue

Arianna Angelini/Leonie Freeman/Photographer(London based)

「Unique Girl(個性的な女の子)」



テーマは、 ある月曜日の朝に素敵な洋服を着て買い物に出かける、サイケデリックなグランジガール。

ちなみに最初のインスピレーション源は、ヴィンテージのデザイナーズとストリートスタイルをミックスしたChloe Sevignyのスタイルでした。

We wanted to shoot a story about a girl in very bright, unusual clothes set against very suburban back drops like a corner shop, super market carpark etc.

I love how the model Flo stands out so much from her surroundings, she is very cool and it’s a great contrast.
I love all the colors in this story.

We used really unusual clothing including a lot of vintage.
Sustainable fashion is so important.

The theme is a day-glo grunge girl going shopping on a Monday morning, wearing amazing clothes.
Flo is like a bird of paradise in a run down shopping centre.

My initial inspiration was Chloe Sevigny’s style, mixing vintage designer with street style.

vintage top by TYROLIA, fabric wear as skirt by SAEEDS FABRICS, shorts by CELIA B, socks by ADIDAS, shoes by ADIDAS X WALES BONNER, top headdress by DOOD SQUISH, bottom headdress by ACCESSORIZE, necklace by DIAMOND DOG JEWELS
corset by KRISTIN MALLISON, top by KARINA BOND, vintage shorts by MAROON
dress and trousers by GIGI’S DRESSING ROOM, cap by GANNI
cardigan by WL RESTING STITCH FACE X PAVEMENT, top by GANNI, shorts by HAI, socks by NUDIE JEANS, shoes by CAREL, headdress by GOOD SQUISH

Leonie Freeman:

A photographer based in London.
Coming from a fine art / documentary background she now shoots mostly fashion commercials and editorials.
She works mostly with analogue film on medium format, and loves the grain and cinematic feel.
Currently she is working on some personal projects on teenagers including a project on teenagers in East London and a portrait series on feminist folklore artists.