Encounter|Arianna Angelini

Encounter|Arianna Angelini




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No.409 “Angelic Pretty”

top by DOLCE&GABBANA, inner top by INTIMISSIMI, belt by PALOMA WOOL, skirt and ring stylist’s own
top by GAP, socks by EMILIO CAVALLINI, shorts stylist’s own
top and skirt stylist’s own
top stylist’s own

Photography by Arianna Angelini
Styling by Ilenia Cirone
Make up by Noemi Auetasc
Model by Ping Ping at 26 Models Milano

Arianna Angelini/Photographer(Milan based)

「ロマンティックな憧れ(Romantic Longing)」
これは矢沢あい原作の漫画「Paradise Kiss」から着想を得たもの。
モデルを志す若い女子高校生 紫がファッションの世界を通して、愛や自分探し、情熱の追求、人間関係の複雑さといった普遍的なテーマを探求する物語です。

私たちは創造性と個性が最も際立ち、活気があり、時に波乱に満ちたファッションの世界に身を置くモデルのPing Pingを通して、紫の役を再現しようと試みました。




We got the idea from the story “Paradise Kiss” written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa, that talks about a young high school girls aspiring to be a model called Yukari that explores universal themes like love, self-discovery, the pursuit of passion and the complexities of relationships through the fashion world.

“Paradise Kiss” is a poignant and visually stunning Manga capable of exploring different actual needs and problems of the modern society but always with a touch of glamour.
We tried to recreate the role of Yukari through our model Ping Ping that finds herself immersed in the vibrant and sometimes tumultuous world of fashion, where creativity and individuality reign supreme.

The main inspiration was definitely the Manga culture.
The term ‘Manga’ literally means ‘whimsical pictures’, how to talk of social issues and fragility with images.

We started from the meaning of the world and we celebrated and reinterpret Japan’s unique creativity and imagination through the female character often depicted sublimated by fantasies and romantic yearnings.

We combined Manga and fashion because they both share a symbiotic relationship with each influencing and inspiring the other in creative ways.

cardigan by BLUMARINE, skirt by ROBERTO CAVALLI, bra and necklace stylist’s own
top by GAP, socks by EMILIO CAVALLINI, shorts and vintage earrings stylist’s own
top and shorts stylist’s own
top by GAP, shorts by BLUMARINE, vintage socks and earrings stylist’s own

Arianna Angelini:

A photographer based in Milan.
Her passion for photography, which has been with her since childhood, materialized in Madrid where through studying and exploring various cultures, she started her career as a fashion photographer.
Since 2021 she has been living and working in Milan, expressing her creativity through campaigns, editorials, and the intimate magic of portrait photography.