Encounter|Annick Wolfers & Lucy Mackay

Encounter|Annick Wolfers & Lucy Mackay




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No.327 “Concrete Poetry”

top by SKIMS, shorts by TOTEME, boots by FREE PEOPLE, necklace by RUDDOCK, vintage scarf stylist’s own
t-shirt by CASABLANCA
top by TOAST, hat by KING & TUCKFIELD, necklace by RUDDOCK
shirt by KING & TUCKFIELD, bra by HUNZA G, shorts by STINE GOYA, socks by ARKET, shoes by MARGARET HOWELL, cap by CASABLANCA, necklace by RUDDOCK

Photography by Annick Wolfers
Styling by Lucy Mackay
Hair and Make up by Alyona Kundryk
Art Direction and Production by Heks Studio
Model by Kenzie Stimack at IGM Models

Annick Wolfers/Photographer(London based)
Lucy Mackay/Stylist(London based)

「Transcendence of the Times(時代の超越)」
その場所は、難民出身の建築家であり、30sの英国におけるモダニズムデザインの先駆者でもあるBerthold Lubetkinによって設計されています。
そして驚くことに、写真家 Annickの出身地であるルクセンブルクの街の名前も。


The shoot came about after reading an article about the Cranbrook Estate in Bethnal Green, London, the estate was helped designed by refugee architect Berthold Lubetkin who also helped pioneer modernist design in Britain in the 30s.
After visiting the estate we discovered that the higher blocks were named after towns around the world that Bethnal Green is twinned with, even more surprisingly a town in Luxemburg, where Annick the photographer is from, therefore a desire to shoot at the estate sparked there and then.

The styling has a 50s American feel to it, echoing the aesthetic of the smaller bedsitter flats that sit along side the high blocks.
The estate's landscape of hard exteriors mixed with its green communal gardens and rose bushes were also integral to the shoot's direction and inspired the shoot title.

bodysuit by HUNZA G, boots by FREE PEOPLE, necklace by RUDDOCK, vintage bag stylist’s own
swimsuit by STINE GOYA, shorts by KING & TUCKFIELD, necklace by RUDDOCK
swimsuit by HUNZA G, shirt by OAS, shoes by MARGARET HOWELL, earrings and necklace by RUDDOCK, socks stylist’s own
cardigan by KING & TUCKFIELD, bra by SKIMS, shorts by OLIVIA VON HALLE, shoes by MARGARET HOWELL, necklace by RUDDOCK

Annick Wolfers :

A photographer and film maker born in Luxemburg and based in London.
She has a deep interest in documenting people and the environment around them.
She currently has a large scale multi media exhibition showcasing in London, focused around the climate emergency.

Lucy Mackay:
キッズのヴィンテージウェアブランド「AND THEY WEAR」の運営も行っている。
昨年よりAnnick Wolfersと共同でHeks Studioを設立し、ヴィジョンと感性を共有しながら、クリエイティブなプロジェクトに共同で取り組んでいる。

A former womenswear buyer, originally from Scotland and now lives in London as a freelance stylist.
She also runs the kids vintage wear brand, “AND ’THEY WEAR”.
Her style involves playing with unusual colour combinations and pairing the unexpected.
She set up Heks Studio with Annick Wolfers last year, a home where they can work collaboratively on creative projects, with a shared vision and sensibility.