Inside of You|Ana Vieira de Castro

Top Photo:©Ana Vieira de Castro

Inside of You|Ana Vieira de Castro


編集部がピックアップする、今をときめくクリエイターにissue 13のテーマである「狐色」から連想されるものを問う、インタビュー企画「Inside of you」。

“Inside of you” Further Story…
kitsune-iro No.9:Ana Vieira de Castro/Photographer

©Ana Vieira de Castro
©Ana Vieira de Castro

「Summertime in 2019(2019年の夏)」
それは私の最新のプロジェクト「Memories Lost in Time and Space」が生まれた年。



Kitsune-iro reminds me of 2019.
The year I developed my latest photography project "Memories Lost in Time and Space".

The concept of the project is my search for what romantic love is.
So I searched for that definition throughout the year and I eventually fell in love during the summertime.
I was creating a lot back then and when I look back I see myself falling in love while photographing still life and everything the sun hit.

Kitsune-iro takes me back to those warm, quiet, lovely slow days where nothing else seems to exist but me and my loved one.

©Ana Vieira de Castro

Ana Vieira de Castro:
Israel Photo FestivalやAuckland Festival of Photographyといった写真祭で作品が取り上げられた他、Photo Vogue FestivalやPhoto Españaのポートフォリオレビューにも参加している。
最新のプロジェクト「Memories Lost in Time and Space」はBroad Magazineのウェブサイトで紹介され、ポルトガルの全国紙 Públicoにもそのコンセプトについてのインタビューが掲載された。

A photographer based in Porto, Portugal.
Her work has been featured on photography festivals such as Israel Photo Festival and Auckland Festival of Photography and she has been part of portfolio reviews at Photo Vogue Festival and Photo España.
Her new photography project "Memories Lost in Time and Space" was published on Broad Magazine’s website and also had visibility through an article by the Portuguese national wide newspaper Público, in which she was interviewed about the concept.