Encounter|Maximilian Lancaster

Top Photo:left - dress by MICROWAVE, trousers by ANSDOTSLOEVNER,
right - dress by MICROWAVE, inner dress by PAMEO POSE, shoes by CAMPER, socks stylist's own

Encounter|Maximilian Lancaster




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No.369 “Adjustment and Change”

dress by OPEN SESAME CLUB, body suit by SIMONE WILD, socks by JAN/F/CHODOROWICZ, shoes by CAMPER
jacket and vest by OPEN SESAME CLUB, skirt by HERIN.CYE, boods by CAMPER
dress by MICROWAVE, trousers by ANSDOTSLOEVNER
dress by HAI, skirt by MICROWAVE, boots by CAMPER, headdress by GOOD SQUISH

dress by MICROWAVE, inner dress by PAMEO POSE, shoes by CAMPER, socks stylist's own

apron dress by MICROWAVE, top by HERIN.CYE, trousers by PAMEO POSE, socks and shoes stylist's own

Photography by Maximilian Lancaster
Styling by Nobuko Ito
Hair and Make up by Aya Murakami
Model by Nadja at THE MANAGEMENT
Photography Assistant by Gabriel Liden

Maximilian Lancaster/Photographer(London based)





This work displays how even with a language barrier, a team of people from all over the world can come together and create an interesting piece of work with an important message.

The theme is adjustment and change.
The change of poses, from the cramped position in picture one to the expanded jump in the final photo are meant to represent the feeling of slowing finding your feet and creating a sense of belonging in a new home.

I lived in Tokyo for three months, and initially, I felt lost due to the cultural differences.
However, as I gradually adapted to the social norms there, it started to fell like my new home.

When I met the model Nadja, she mentioned her experience in competitive static gymnastics.
That’s when I immediately thought that the awkward-looking poses could reflect the emotions we experience when moving to a new place.

Maximilian Lancaster:
Stanly KubrickやPaul Thomas Anderson、Eric Rohmerなどの映画監督からインスピレーションを得て、自身を取り巻く人々や瞬間の中にある物語を捉えた、ストーリーテリングに特化した作品を制作する。
最近では、「ISSEY MIYAKE」のウィメンズとメンズウェアのヴィジュアル撮影を行った。

A photographer based in London.
He draws inspiration from filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Eric Rohmer, and his photography is dedicated to storytelling, capturing narratives within the people and moments that surround him.
Recently, he worked on shooting of Women’s and Men’s wear for “ISSEY MIYAKE”.