Encounter|Luciana Lopez Schütz

Encounter|Luciana Lopez Schütz




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No.88 “Rua de Madalena”

Photography by Luciana Lopez Schütz

Luciana Lopez Schütz/Photographer(Budapest based)

「Rua de Madalena (マダレナ通り) 」
この作品のタイトルでもある「Rua de Madalena」は、1755年のリスボン大地震後に再建された建物の住所であり、私が約6か月間を過ごした土地でもあります。


“Rua de Madalena” is the building was reconstructed after the big Lisbon Earthquake in 1755 and where I spent the last six months.
This series of photographs emerged as a tribute to that place and to the magical light that emerged at exactly 6 pm every day during winter time.

The inspiration came along as I was being aware on the qualities of light, on how was it’s trajectory thought the room, on how the color changed along as the day passed, the effect on how it bounces on a specific surface, and the sort of shadow that emerge from it.
I was interested in recording those small moments and details.

Luciana Lopez Schütz:

An audiovisual designer and photographer born in Rosario, Argentina.
Some of her works have been published in multiple magazines all over the world.
Nowadays, based in Budapest studying a master’s degree in documentary film directing and working on a short film project.