Encounter | Kikue Ichihashi & Erika Acosta

Encounter | Kikue Ichihashi & Erika Acosta




A uniquely precious encounter with artists from all over the world.
As a platform to exhibit and unveil the various talent, Lula Japan’s editorial team have selected the most vivid and genuine works from artists around the world.
Entrust your heart to this creative and unique new sensibility.

No.278 “Pardon my French”

dress by ANNA GIMENEZ, trousers by PAULA OLIVELLA RUIZ, scarf by ALESIA, earrings by SUAGONGO, socks and shoes stylist’s own
jumpsuit by PAULA OLIVELLA RUIZ, shirt and hat by ZOÉ FILANDEAU, bag by ZAHATI, socks and shoes stylist’s own
top, skirt, socks and gloves by VICTOR VON SCHWARZ, hat by ZAHATI

Photography by Lázaro Scabbia
Styling by Erika Acosta
Hair and Make up by Kikue Ichihashi
Model by Lydia Jane at Number Management
Film Lab by Revelab Studio

Kikue Ichihashi/Make up Artist(Barcelona based)
Erika Acosta/Stylist(Barcelona based)

この作品はイギリスの新進気鋭のロックバンド Wet Legにインスパイアされたものです。

This work is inspired by up-and-coming British rock band Wet Leg.
Through music, fashion and film, they manage to create the perfect mix of a feminine, quirky, and rock aesthetic that dares you to think twice before underestimating a woman based solely on her looks.

top and tights by VICTOR VON SCHWARZ, headdress by BIBIAN BLUE, sunglasses by WEDO
dress by AITOR GOIKOETXEA, bodysuit by COMO LA TRUCHA AL TRUCHO STUDIO, hat by ZAHATI, ring by FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ, socks and shoes stylist’s own
dress by CARLOS PINEDA, hat by ZAHATI, socks and shoes stylist’s own
bodysuit by COMO LA TRUCHA AL TRUCHO STUDIO, ring by REGINA CASTILLO, scarf stylist’s own

Kikue Ichihashi:
Glamour Bulgaria、Cosmopolitan Kazakhstan、L’Officiel Brazilなどさまざまな媒体で活躍中。

A makeup artist based in Barcelona.
Her passion is to enhance the natural beauty of each person with the help of makeup, combining the style from both Japanese and western makeup trends.
Her work has been published in Glamour Bulgaria, Cosmopolitan Kazakhstan, L’Officiel Brazil and more.

Erika Acosta:
Schön!、Pap Magazine、Vanity Teen、L’Officiel Ukraine、Contributor Magazineなどの媒体でスタイリングを手がける。

A fashion creative based in Barcelona.
Heavily influenced and moved by music, films, and pop culture, with a passion for telling stories through clothing.
As a fashion stylist, her work has been published in publications such as Schön!, Pap Magazine, Vanity Teen, L’Officiel Ukraine and Contributor Magazine.