Looking for New Talent May/June “Scent”

Looking for New Talent May/June “Scent”

May/June Theme:“Scent”


ー“記憶を呼び起こす特別な香り”、“その土地が持つ特有の匂い”、“心惹かれる魅惑の香り” etc.

Lula JAPANでは作品を募集しております。

Lula JAPANウェブサイトで今シーズン掲げている、テーマ「彩り」を連想させる作品を、
あなたが思うLula JAPANの世界観とともに自由に表現してください。


採用された作品は、Lula JAPANウェブサイト企画「Encounter」、SNS、または誌面に掲載する可能性もございます。


Your works which represented your images for Lula JAPAN world-view would be very welcomed.

The theme for May and June is “Scent/Smell”.

We see numerous meanings in the theme such as
“The smell remaining in your memory”, “The specific smell of each season or the environment around you”, “The scent you are really attracted by” and other emotional words.

Please send a selection of your works (editorial, photography, film, artworks, poem or whatever) to following the guidelines below.

・作品は、Lula JAPANウェブサイト(以下、「当サイト」) にてご紹介させていただきます。
・投稿はメールにて、タイトル名に「Lula JAPAN sub.」、氏名、あなたのウェブサイト(SNSでもOK)、作品に関わったスタッフのクレジットの情報を合わせて下記の連絡先までお送りください。


・This submission is basically for Lula JAPAN Website topic “Encounter” but there is a possibility that your works will be published on the print as well.
・Please include “Lula JAPAN sub.” on the title, and your name, your own website(social media sites are aceptable) and all the credits of staffs(stylist, hair, MUA etc .) in your email.
・Please do not submit works that infringe copyrights or invade privacy.
We will not bear any responsibility for compensation regarding defamation or infringement of copyrights or privacy.
・We cannot accept any submissions that do not meet the criteria listed above.
・Please understand that due to the large amount of emails received only successful submissions will be contacted.

We are looking forward to your application!